Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is DQ country

There is nothing like country livin...and this is coming from a city girl who at one time thought she had been banished to a rural, no man's land.  But now, there's no going back for me! We spend our evenings driving the golf cart up and down the road, watching for the neighborhood owl, and we can actually build a campfire right outside our back door.   And if you ever drive through rural East Texas, you are bound to see a Dairy Queen in every small town.

Sophia loved her first taste of the DQ! Mini size, strawberry blizzard.  She ate it ALL with a little help from her big brother after he finished off his sundae.  Now that is good country livin!

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  1. It was good to catch up on your blog. I can totally relate to your post about attachment. I am 2 months in and feel like we are approaching the "securely attached" point. Hang in there. I am now a country girl myself - love the golf cart rides, the bonfire in the "yard", and love listening to our owls and bird watching. Sounds like we have more in common than I thought. Oh and we love DQ too : )