Friday, July 5, 2013

Extra guacamole, please!

When we are traveling, Adam and I always crave Mexican food!  Nachos, tacos, quesadillas!  We walked forever in South Korea to find an On the Border so we could eat chips and queso.  Sad, I know, but we love our Mexican food.

Last night, we were needing a fix and found a Mexican food restaurant right down the street from our hotel.  We were in heaven!  The meal probably would have been just average in Texas, but here among all the noodles and fried rice, it tasted wonderful!

So, Sophia had her first taste of "what's for dinner" usually at our house on the weekends.  And guess what?  She liked it!  This girl LOVES to eat!  In fact, she devoured the guacamole.  Yeah, Sophia, you will fit in just fine.  :)


  1. Wonderful! These are the small things... the steps to merging your lives, as you're already merging your hearts. Love you guys, and hearing the updates! Keeping your in our prayers.

  2. Yeah for loving Mexican food!! And I love the big bow/headband in her hair. I can never keep those on my girls' heads. They keep sliding up the back of their heads!

  3. Glad she past the test. I'd hate to have to return her now :)