Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet Sophia

With each day, our baby girl is opening up more, and we are seeing her sweet personality blossom and bloom.  Giggles, smiles, and even the occasional quick hug or snuggle!

It was an early morning for us.  We had to be at the United States consulate at 8:30am for our visa appointment.  This is the LAST step before heading back to the States.  Since Sophia would be taking the U.S. citizenship oath (actually we took it on her behalf), I thought it was only appropriate to dress her in red, white, and blue.  When the fashionista's ensemble was finally complete, Adam asked chuckling, "You think it's a bit much?"

Too much???? Impossible!


  1. What a wonderful picture of the snuggle with her daddy! Finally, a spark of what you have in store for you with little girl hugs and kisses. She looks adorable in her outfit! I know you are all ready to get home and we are ready for you to get home. Blessings to you all. Love, MA

  2. I agree, Brandi! It's NEVER too much!!! ;)
    She looks like a living doll! Such a beautiful girl! SO amazing that she is already opening her heart to you all...praise the Lord for answering our prayers!
    We love y'all and we're still praying so much! Sarah & Tim

  3. I love it!!! The outfit, her sweetness, that she gets to be a US Citizen, and that she is opening up! :-)

  4. That is amazing that she is already opening up to ya'll already! ...Wow ! I absolutely love the outfit it fits her well she is so adorable:)