Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More paperwork, really?

After two adoptions, we are no strangers to paperwork.  Most people can't recite from memory the passport numbers for themselves, husband, and son but I can.  :)   And, apparently the paperwork is not confined to only the U.S. because that is all we've been doing in China....running from appointment to appointment to finalize Sophia's adoption. Yesterday the adoption registrar office and today the police department for a background check.  

But fortunately, Levi has found some sweet friends in our travel group to help pass the time during our long appointments.  They kick the ball, play with toy cars and I Pads, and even fight from time to time.  But as everyone loads back on the bus, the three of them are usually crammed into one seat giggling and laughing like school girls!


  1. This little guy, he is the BEST BOY EVER! Tell him MA said so. So glad he has made buddies to help him pass the time. Love, MA

  2. Love that picture of daddy and his new baby girl. Priceless! Love, Tim & Amie

  3. How wonderful that your son has had someone to play with !