Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leaving China

This morning I woke up singing,

"Cause I'm leavin on a jet plane,
don't know when I'll be back again."

That's right. We leave today and begin the long, long trek home.  Please keep us in your prayers, especially since we will be traveling with two little ones.  We fly Guangzhou to Beijing (3 hours),  5 hour layover, Beijing to Seattle (12 hours), spend the night in Seattle, then one final flight to Dallas (4 hours).

I think I can....I think I can.....


  1. Brandi, I love reading your blog about darling Sophia! I posted a comment when you wrote about "Gotcha Day" but I don't think it showed up. So happy for you, Adam & Levi to bring baby sister home! Blessings to all of you . . . and praying for a safe journey home! Mary Kay

  2. Safe travels! You will soon be home! Congratulations again. She is beautiful and I love her smile!