Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snapshots of China

We've seen many exciting sites while in China...way too many to blog in detail. Here are a few snapshots of the highlights.
Tiananmen Square and famous photo of Chairman Mao

 Tiananmen Square is a bustling place full of tourists and patriotic Chinese waving flags and waiting in long lines to see the body of the late Chairman Mao.  What I found so strange is not a word is ever spoken about the massacre of protesters that happened here in 1989.  The Chinese government has forbidden the people to speak about it, and it's considered taboo to ask your tour guide about the event.  Talk about burying history.

We've also visited The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and the Temple of Six Banyan Trees.  I've loved learning the history and culture of the Chinese people.  Levi, on the other hand, has been content to run through the green grass of the parks that surround the historic sights or push his sister in the stroller.  And Sophia???  She's slept through most of the tourist attractions!  She can't be bothered with such things!

Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven

Sophia bored....

Levi and Daddy going for a run!

Temple of Six Banyan Trees

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