Monday, June 24, 2013

Special Day

Today is one of Levi's last days as an only child.  Soon he will sharing the limelight with a baby sister. ;)

To commemorate, we had "Levi's Special Day" with mommy and daddy.  This morning, I told him he could choose whatever he wanted to do that day.  The sky's the limit so I'm thinking zoo, bounce house, or the place all kids love and parents dread, Chuck E Cheese.  Instead, our son said, "I want to take Henry (green train #3) to the doughnut store and eat 10 chocolate doughnut holes."

You got it, Levi!  Man, did we get off easy!  So, a buck twenty five later, we have one happy boy and we got to spend some precious moments with our "firstborn".  We love you son!

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