Friday, June 28, 2013

Great Wall

We had an amazing day at the Great Wall!  What an impressive structure!  Did you know the Great Wall is over 5,000 total miles? Lots and lots of steps.  At one point, Levi asked, "Mommy, where's the escalator?"  Son, that's what I was wondering.  ;)

To get to the wall, we took a terrifying cable car ride to the top of the mountain...I had a death grip on Levi in case he decided to start wiggling.  Once at the top, we explored the wall and the many watch towers.  Then, a fun sled ride all the way down the mountain!

Tonight at dinner, we learned to make Chinese dumplings and practiced our chopstick skills.  Tomorrow, we head to the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Chinese acrobat show.


  1. What an experience! I can understand you keeping a grip on Levi from looking at the photo of cable ride. Wow. Bet Levi loved it! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy your trip and relish in the culture. Looking forward to hearing more. Love, MA

  2. How fun!!! I am so happy for y'all. I cannot wait to meet Miss Sophia! God bless! Love, Amie Mc.

  3. Wow what an awesome family adventure. So beautiful!

  4. How exciting! Glad you made it over safely!